Manufactured Stone Cleaning & Maintenance

Manufactured stone is a lightweight concrete product made from Portland cement, lightweight aggregates, and iron oxide pigments. When installed according to the installation guidelines there should not be much cleaning necessary immediately after installation, if any. The cleaning techniques and chemicals used to clean natural stone and clay brick can damage manufactured stone!


DO NOT use a pressure washer, sandblaster, metal wire brush, or acid to clean the stone. These will permanently damage the finished surface of the stone and should not be used.


To remove dirt from the stone surface, first try gently scrubbing the stone surface with a dry soft bristle brush. If that is not sufficient try using a strong solution of granulated soap or detergent and water with a plastic bristle brush. Make sure the detergent does not contain colors, bleach or other harsh chemicals. Do not use a wire brush. Rinse immediately with fresh water.


Efflorescence can occur with many different masonry products. It is usually the result of moisture migration through the masonry substrate. Once the moisture is on the masonry surface it evaporates, leaving dissolved salts in the form of efflorescence on the surface. Efflorescence will disappear naturally over time as long as the source of the moisture is controlled or eliminated. If you want to clean off efflorescence mix a solution of 1 part white distilled vinegar to 6 parts water. Gently scrub the surface using the solution and a soft bristle brush. Rinse immediately with fresh water.


Sealers are not necessary. However, some customers choose to use sealers to help prevent staining in applications exposed to smoke, soot, dirt, water splashing, or other contaminants. If you choose to use a sealer, make sure it is a silane-based, breathable sealer. Note that sealers can change the look of the stone and the movement of moisture out of the stone. Consult the sealer manufacturer before applying.

Salt and De-Icing Chemicals

All concrete and masonry is vulnerable to damage by salt. Our products are not warranted against damage incurred from salt or other chemicals used to remove snow or ice. Do not use de-icing chemicals on areas immediately adjacent to our stone veneer.


Scuffing occurs on all natural stone and will occasionally occur on our products. This can enhance the natural appearance of your installation. Some scuff marks can be removed by cleaning as described above.
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