Frequently Asked Questions

What is Texas Stone Designs’ manufactured stone?

A: Texas Stone Designs is the manufacturer of a high quality line of manufactured stone veneer products. Our products are cast in detailed molds made from real stone. Each style of stone is made with a particular blend of Portland cement, lightweight natural aggregates, and iron oxide pigments. Most people cannot even tell the difference between our products and natural stone.

What are the benefits of manufactured stone?

A: Texas Stone Designs’ manufactured stone is available in a wide range of colors and styles, it is much lighter weight, less expensive, easier and faster to install, provides a low waste factor, requires no wall ties or footings, and is capable of installations that would be impossible with natural stone.

How heavy is Texas Stone Designs’ manufactured stone?

A: 6-8 pounds per square foot, depending on the style.

How thick is Texas Stone Designs’ manufactured stone?

A: Average thickness varies from 1” to 2½” depending on the style. See stone veneer dimensions.

How are Texas Stone Designs’ manufactured stone products sold?

A: Flat pieces are sold by the square foot, corner pieces by the lineal foot, hearth stones and trim stones are sold by the piece. See packaging quantities.

How is Texas Stone Designs’ manufactured stone packaged?

A: All of our stone products are packaged in small boxes. Most styles are packaged with 12 square feet per box for flats and 8 lineal feet per box for corners. Some styles are packaged with different quantities. See our website for more detailed information on packaging.

How long will Texas Stone Designs’ stone last?

A: Since Texas Stone Designs’ stone is a lightweight concrete product, it will last as long as any quality concrete or masonry material such as concrete block or brick. Texas Stone Designs’ supports its products with a 75-year limited warranty. For more information on our warranty please visit our website.

Will the same stone appear repeatedly in a typical installation?

A: Noticeable repetition is eliminated by casting in hundreds of different individual molds. In addition, no two stones are ever going to be colored with the exact same coloring.

Will Texas Stone Designs’ stone fade?

A: The base color of the stone is blended throughout and permanent iron oxide pigments are applied when the stone is manufactured. Color becomes an integral part of each piece of stone veneer. There are minimal noticeable color changes after years of weathering.

How important is a good installation?

A: Just like many other products, Texas Stone Designs’ stone veneers will look their best when carefully installed by a qualified installer. A good installer will be able to blend the stones for the best look. For example, you do not want all of the large stones in one area and all of the smaller stones in another area, they should be blended evenly throughout the pattern. The same applies to the color.

Can Texas Stone Designs’ products be cut?

A: Yes. Our products can be easily cut and trimmed using a masonry blade or diamond blade with a circular or masonry saw or by using wide-mouth nippers or a trowel.

Do Texas Stone Designs’ products meet building code requirements?

A: Texas Stone Designs’ products are designed to meet or exceed all applicable code requirements throughout the U.S.

Can you install Texas Stone Designs’ stone on a fireplace?

A: Yes, Texas Stone Designs’ stone is the perfect product to enhance your fireplace. However, our products are not safe for installation inside the fire box where it will come into contact with direct heat. Texas Stone Designs’ products have been tested in accordance with UL 723 and shown to have zero flame spread and zero smoke developed.

Can Texas Stone Designs’ stone stain if my fireplace smokes?

A: Possibly, just as natural stone or brick will. If you are concerned about smoke stains, the best recommendation is to seal the stone on your fireplace with a breathable masonry sealer. Once sealed, the stone will be much easier to clean. If the stone is not sealed and it becomes stained, it may be impossible to completely remove the stain.

Can you install Texas Stone Designs’ stone on exterior applications?

A: Yes. Texas Stone Designs’ stone can be installed on interior or exterior applications. It can also be installed over almost any substrate. See our installation guide on our website for more information.

Can Texas Stone Designs’ products be installed on walkways or patios?

A: Texas Stone Designs’ products are not suitable for foot traffic.

Can you install Texas Stone Designs’ stone next to a swimming pool?

A: Any concrete or natural material can be affected by continued exposure to chlorine and other chemicals. When frequently exposed to water, we recommend protecting the stone with a breathable sealer. It is not recommended to install stone below water level.

What maintenance is required for Texas Stone Designs’ products?

A: All of Texas Stone Designs’ products are virtually maintenance-free. If desired, the stone can be washed to remove surface dust and dirt. Acid and harsh chemicals cannot be used to clean the stone.

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